Saturday, March 26, 2011

All in a day's work

I bought a new lense today! I don't know how to use it but I bought it!
Any pointers prom my photographer friends would be great;)
I picked up this adorable spring decor from DOLLARAMA ... couldn't believe it. Sorry friends if you are looking for these beautiful robin's egg blue nests at the Abbotsford store, I bought them all!
I found these bags at Dollarama for only $2!!! so I bought 5. I thought they would be the perfect bag to use at the Farmer's Market this summer.
My friend at has been inspiring me with her delicious meals from Jamie Oliver, check out her photo's ... they will make you want to cook!
A little decor for the garden!
I bought 2 of these to anchor the bottom of our stairs.
(I have a lot of them if any of you are interested for only $20each, they also come in black)
and to end my busy day with a nice glass of wine.

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