Monday, November 15, 2010

A Boxwood Topiary

Like I said ... I'm adding life to my home with various plants. I promise I won't go overboard! This is actually an outdoor boxwood topiary, which I'm trying out inside for a while, so let's cross our fingers and hope it survives and if not it's going outside. This is another piece that I have a cute christmas idea for. Once again if you want to order one for your home (also would look amazing on either side of a front door:) )the price is $29.99 container not included.
p.s. This photo is reminding me to take those green pieces off the brick... yuck


  1. Hey Aidy, just tried sending an email but I'm not sure if it worked. Would love to order 2, avec planter if possible. I am coming by tomorrow to grab an orchid but thought I'd inquire about these incase they require ordering. Let me know