Thursday, November 25, 2010

Watch out Brunettes!!!

I have followed the trend and did the switch. I am now a brunette thanks to my amazing hairdresser. I love going to see her.. she inspires me and makes my hair look beautiful every time I see her. She gave me some amazing photo's which is now the solution to one of my bedroom decor dilema's. Posts of my new hair (as soon as I can manage to get a decent pic of myself) and her amazing photo's are coming soon!


  1. You are soo sweet!! (and soo good for the self esteem) I wish you could come in every day :) And I think you inspire me much more than I do you!!!

    xx Andrianne

  2. OOo brown hair? Can't wait to see it! I bet you look just as hot in brown as you do in blonde!!!

  3. I EQUALLY love that amazing hairdresser of yours (also because I'm lucky enough to have her as my sister-in-law as well).
    Can't wait to see the new hair! :)

  4. Would you mind sharing where I can find this hairdresser? I'd like to try something new! Love your blog BTW! :)

  5. My hairdresser is Andriane from kalai har designs.